Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology (CRIPT) is a project funded by NSF Innovation and Technology Ecosystems, Convergence Accelerator program, and is led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology in partnership with Dow, NIST, Citrine Informatics and University of Chicago.

Our mission is to Enable and empower researchers to capture and share polymer knowledge.

Our Vision is to Establish a digital ecosystem of openly available polymer data and supporting tools, so that polymer scientists and engineers everywhere can leverage high-quality information and streamlined data workflows in the pursuit of constant innovation.

Currently CRIPT is a limited-access platform. Our team is working closely with our Early Adopter Partners on development of the platform, features, and User Interface. The goal of this stage is to refine the platform to be sufficiently user friendly for the public launch in October.

CRIPT will make a transformative impact on the field of polymer materials by developing a data-centric infrastructure for findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data that is usable by a wide variety of stakeholders to accelerate the pace of materials innovation. Our development team will continue to develop paradigms of data sharing to enable wider sharing and valorization of data across the community. CRIPT will produce not only a database but a community resource that facilitates data analysis, interpretation, and decision making to address our greatest challenges in health and sustainability.

The Team